Happy Birthday To You! 


Once more another McLovin has reached the age of majority...  Atticus Kelly who of late has blossomed as the bands keyboardist and second vocalist turned 21 this week.  An accomplished multi instrumentalist, Atticus has brought an entirely new musical aesthetic to bear with his contributions to the bands sound.  Schooled in classical jazz and a passion for the songs of The Band and The Grateful Dead, his keyboards have served to refine and expand the McLovins musical repertoire while adding a rollicking bar band vibe.  His raw and soulful lyrics add a punch of gravitas to a band that's solidifying it's rep as a killer live act.

Spring Tour Opener: the low down... 

McLovins -  Charleston Poor House  Mar. 17 2014

Set 1:
Catch the Ball
Man in a Blue Coat >
Turn On Your Love Light...
Cohesive >
Dixie Chicken Tease
Get Up Jake
Funk No. 1
A New Song

Set 2:
Good to Go
Tokyo Tea >
Hard Road 
Samson >
Shivers >
Tokyo Tea(end)
Cripple >
Break On Through

You Enjoy Myself
Rappers Delight

McLovins Spring Fling.. 

Spring is coming and once again the young men's mind turns to thoughts of...touring.  This time the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states get the love with a quick hit tour that takes the band from South Carolina through Georgia, back up through North Carolina and back up to New England by the middle of April.

3/17 -Pour House, Charleston SC
3/19 -Nowhere Bar, Athens GA
3/21 -Smiths Olde Bar, Atlanta GA
3/22 -Southland Ballroom, Raleigh NC
4/19 -Nectars, Burlington VT
4/20 -Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT
4/24 -Brooklyn Bowl, New York City
4/25 -Gathering 2 Festival, NJ

To get on the bus that takes me to you.. 

"The bus came by and I got on; that's when it all began.
There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus to
never-never land..."


The time has come to get on the bus, literally that is.  As part of the McLovins 2 night Vermont stand later this month, the band has contracted for a bus to drive fans up to the first night gig at Higher Ground in Burlington Vermont.  Click on the link to check out the details, for a $50.00 fee you'll get a round-trip bus ride, a ticket to the show at Higher Ground and a McLovins t-shirtHope we'll see you there!


Hop on the Bus to Higher Ground in Burlington, VT 

Round-trip, from Hartford, CT to Burlington, VT on Jan 18th 2013.


A Holiday message from the band... 

Happy Holidays from our family to yours...
 Wishing you all a healthy, safe and happy 2013

Thanks to our fans, we will be heading down to the Aura Music Festival in February. The festival is set on one of the most beautiful camping spots in the South; Live Oaks, Florida at the Swannee Music Park. Our set is Saturday, February 16th and we hope to see many of you there. To purchase tickets you can go to Aura's website here:

In order to make the this happen, we have launched our Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the road trip down there. We are preparing to drive to Florida and back to Connecticut, without missing too many classes. It's going to be a quick Florida minute for us, we have to keep our grades up, (we love you McMoms), but we are so excited to bring our music this part of the country, there is no way we would pass up this opportunity.

In other news, we are in the process of recording new tracks for an album with songs you may have heard before and some that we haven't even finished yet. This one should be our best one yet! In addition, when visiting our KickStarter page you can see a glimpse of our first video. Perhaps you have also noticed our new logo? We are excited to announce that you will be seeing a new merchandise line rolling out this spring. 

We are mixing it up here at the McLovins camp and we are not ashamed to shout about it! You can access our KickStarter campaign here. If you are unable to contribute to the campaign, you can still help us by sharing the KickStarter link as much as you can, passing it along to those you think can give a few dollars. We know times are tough, and we appreciate all that our fans do for us. The more exposure we can get, the more possibilities we have of reaching our goal and getting our music out there. 

Thank you for your continued support. We Love our McLovers and cannot wait to see our hard work and your help pay off. Please keep in touch with us through our social media and we'll see you on the road,

Atticus, Jake, Jason and Justin

Three of a kind beats two pairs... 

The past couple weeks have brought three new YouTube performances from The McLovins. Nightshades, 8 Dogs and Yankee Rose were all born of a solid summer of festival stops and touring. . All three new compositions show the influence that a more solid touring schedule has had on the band, bringing to the mix much more nimble and supple pocket jamming, and showcasing the increasing songwriting skills of the quartet.

Nightshades is a loving tribute to Levon Helm and the band, wrapped in a quirky mélange of wordplay and allusion, served up hot and fresh.

8 Dogs, a sharp shock to the system, a jazzy throwback dirty as hell and not suitable for mixed company.

Yankee Rose, probably the most thoughtful of the three new songs, built on a brick foundation of cowboy psyche rock, more Dead than Allmans, a bit of NRPS and a slippery shot of Quicksilver. Mighty tasty and it goes down smooth.


Cut out from your magazine... 

   I'm back to reality after a couple weeks of feeling under the weather, and imagine my surprise with waking up and finding this waiting for me!   Day to Day was the first song of the McLovins 2.0 era that had 'that" sound..  Falling firmly in the middle of being a jam anthem and a more thoughtful and mature piece for the band, it was for all intents and purpose the most balanced cut yet from this quartet.

                                                          Day to Day by The McLovins  
  Hot on the heels of the band's return for a 20 day road trip which saw them venture
down into North Carolina for 4 shows last month, the influence of the road and the discipline of playing gigs night after night have produced this new delight; Samson/Nightshade. This song and video showcase the impact that the double shot of The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead has had on this still evolving band. Fondly familiar yet curiously fresh, this one is a keeper!

                                                   Samson/Nightshade by the Mclovins

Must Have Shows:
1. Infinity Hall
2. Revolution Hall 
3. Keene State Mabel Brown Room
4. BrewFest
5. Putnam Den
6. Cafe 939


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